Myrtle Windows Gallery

Image Credit: Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership

By “breaking down the walls” of the traditional private art gallery, Myrtle Windows Gallery brings two-dimensional art to the public arena via storefront windows, where it is accessible to anyone simply walking down the street. The initiative brings together artists, businesses, and the community in a dialogue about access to art.

Project History

In 2008, local artist Anne Lafond approached us looking for a creative venue to exhibit her paintings, suggesting Myrtle businesses as an option. Shortly after, we collaborated with the Pratt Design Incubator to create an elegant system for hanging and displaying artwork in storefront windows. The system includes a solar shade to provide a clean backdrop for the artwork while maintaining light and view through to the interior of the shop. A cable hanging system allows the artwork to hang in the window in front of the shade.

Past Exhibitions

Since 2008, Myrtle Windows Gallery has hosted 10 exhibitions, including almost 150 original works by local artists in 20 different storefronts in the district.  Below is a list of the exhibitions held to date: