New York Main Street Grants

We make New York Main Street (NYMS) matching grants available to property owners and merchants to help finance significant improvements and rehabilitation to historic building facades, storefronts, commercial spaces and residential units. The NYMS funds are made available by the State of New York and are available for a limited time and to specific blocks along Myrtle Avenue. The program plays a critical role in maintaining, improving and preserving the historic mixed-use buildings along Myrtle Avenue.

Project History

For years, Myrtle Avenue and the surrounding neighborhood experienced property disinvestment, leaving many historic buildings ill-maintained and storefronts sitting vacant. To help reverse these conditions, we applied for New York Main Street grants from the State’s Department of Homes and Community Renewal and has now received five rounds of funding since 2004. Over the past decade, we have¬†awarded $827,000 in grants to more than 28 property owners and merchants along Myrtle Avenue. These grants have been matched with $2.1 Million in private property investment.

Project Successes to Date:

  • 36 Properties assisted with grants
  • $827,500 in grants awarded
  • Spurred $2,113,000 in property investment by business and property owners
  • Average grants are $21,200
  • $195,000 in NYMS dollars have been spent on streetscape improvements along Myrtle Avenue

Read our Annual Report for more information about project activities and accomplishments.