Myrtle Eats Fresh Community Corner

Fri, Jul 25th, 2014

Community Corner 2014 website 2This Saturday, 7/26/2014, will be our third Myrtle Eats Fresh Community Corner and so far it has been a great success! MARP’s Outreach Coordinator, Shaquana Boykin, has taken 40 people on a Fort Greene Park Greenmarket tour! Participants are new customers and have shared that either they “didn’t know the Greenmarket was there” or are simply more open to going with the assistance of a tour guide.

One senior citizen who Shaquana approached at Bravo Supermarket was looking for turnip greens but she wanted the turnip tops and bottom which the supermarket did not have. Shaquana told her that the Greenmarket certainly has what she is looking for and that she would be happy to give her a tour. The response was โ€œI did not know that the Greenmarket was up the block! Let me pay for my items and can you walk me to the market?” She expressed that the Greenmarket is so far down and not visible from Myrtle Avenue that she never knew it was up the block from her. She plans to return each Saturday for fresh greens! It is stories like this that we are aiming to hear so that we can inform the community of this existing fresh food outlet and assist the Fort Greene Greenmarket in increasing their visibility to all Fort Greene residents.

Stop by and visit us every Saturday, now – October, 10am-3pm, and learn more about what the Greenmarket has to offer and enjoy community programming on select dates. A calendar of upcoming events can be found here, on our website. See you on the corner!

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