“Love, this time”: Black Artstory Month 2021

Fri, Jan 22nd, 2021

“The love of the family, the love of one person can heal. It heals the scars left by a larger society. A massive, powerful society.” – Maya Angelou

“Love, this time” is an art exploration of how love can liberate, heal, and (re)unite us. 2020 was no different from prior years as the crises of institutional and systemic racism, inequality and injustice continued. However, the COVID-19 pandemic led to restrictions which varied based on who and where you were, and glaring inequities of healthcare and to sudden changes in people’s lifestyles.

Protect Black Trans Women by Steven Mosley. Black Artstory Month 2021

One thing that surfaced through this was love as we cared from our friends and ourselves, reconnected with old friends, applauded frontline workers daily and continued outpouring of warmth to those close to us and to complete strangers. Through a series of visual art installations, viewers will accompany artists exploring the various manifestations of love. The community shall carry the individual further along in life and in healing than the individual can carry themselves.

Love is an intentional act of sharing.

“Love, this time” is rooted in community as the place where we can be liberated, healed, united and reunited.

Enjoy FREE  installations, and digital interventions that celebrate the legacy of Black creativity and the power of love created by Black artists and activists in Fort Greene & Clinton Hill.


Art Installations


Check out this series of art installations across Myrtle Avenue, on view all month at various locations.

1.- The Spot by Voodo Fé, 572 Myrtle Ave, Love Wino by Voodo Fé

2.- Soketah, 564 Myrtle, Commitment by Olayinka Salami

2.- Soketah, 564 Myrtle, Young George Floyd by Sophia Dawson

3.- Pratt Institute Film/Video, 550 Myrtle, Forever Caring by Brandon Foushee

4.- SoCo, 509 Myrtle Ave, What Blossoms by Ashley Crawford

5.- [salon]718, 456 Myrtle Ave,  Love As Healing by Tiffany Baker

6.- Pecks, 455A Myrtle Ave, Protect Black Trans Women by Steven Mosely

7.- Sandbox, 417 Myrtle Ave,  Scaffold: Equtiy of Treatment by Elan Cadiz

8.- Salon Rhed, 374 Myrtle Ave, Lesson #356  by Mz. Icar Collective

9.- LOCALS BKNY, 332 Myrtle Ave, Save Our Girls by Amarachi Crystal


Other ways to  participate in Black Artstory Month 2021:

  • LISTEN to the “Love, this time” playlist (available on Spotify) Curated by curator Atiba T. Edwards.
  • SHARE We invite you share and spread the word in yous socail media usung the #Blackartstory #MyrtleAve and by tagging us @Myrtleavebklyn 

About Black Artstory Month

The title for Black Artstory Month 2021, “Love, this time”  is an art exploration of how love can liberate, heal, and (re)uniteus. Black Artstory Month is an annual series that elevates and celebrates this neighborhood’s long-standing history as a haven for Black artistry, with past themes including Brooklyn style, healing, notions of home, and remembering. This cycle’s thematic focus was developed by Daonne Huff, who co-created Black Artstory Month with Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership in 2013. Check out past programs here.


“Love, this time” exhibit and theme, created by curator Atiba Edwards.

Poster design and promotional graphics by Kevin Adams.

Participating Artists:

Pratt Institute School of Art, The Black Alumni of Pratt, Steven Mosley, Voodo Fe, Olayinka Salami, Shopia Dawson, Brandon Foushee, Ashley Crawford, Tiffany Baker, Elan Cadiz, Mz. Icar Collective and Amarachi Crystal.

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