Cool and Refreshing – Popsicle Molds in @ Green in BKLYN

Wed, Aug 3rd, 2011

Oooooooooooh, the possibilities. Popsicle molds in at Green in BKLYN. Imagine what you can do with the delicious fruit that you pick up at The Myrtle Farm Stand or Associated or Bravo or Karrot or Hala Hala or A-Rod or Mr. Coco or Greene-ville or Khim's or… Hey, you get the idea, pure deliciousness.

The molds are designed by a mom who wanted a BPA-free way to enhance the summer popsicle experience.

Green in BKLYN, the one-stop eco-friendly shop, is located at 432 Myrtle Avenue between Clinton and Waverly. Please call the store at 718.855.4383.

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