DineOut on Myrtle Avenue

Wed, Aug 5th, 2020

Enjoy a meal in a backyard barn, surrounded by a Black Lives Matter mural, on a “Skydeck,” or in a cozy garden, outdoor dining on Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn is going well beyond your standard sidewalk seating. From coffee shops with the most incredible sandwiches, Caribean and Southern seafood style, Mexican authentic tacos, and rustic Tuscan pastas are all available this season. Here are your dine-out options on Myrtle Avenue

Wray’s Restaurant, 503 Myrtle Ave

Outdoor Dining

We all love coffee and backyards in New York, now imagine having both during this time. Check out these options on Myrtle Avenue, perfect for your morning coffee and lunch.

Peck’s Food, 455A Myrtle Avenue

  • Pecks: 455 A Myrtle Avenue. -Back yard open-
  • Petee’s Pie: Myrtle Avenue -Outdoor dining option coming soon-
  • TB Coffee House: 578 Myrtle Avenue -Back yard and sidewalk option available-
  • Cafefornia: 360 Myrtle Avenue -Outdoor dining option-

Outdoor Dining

Who doesn’t love french fries, good quality hamburgers, and good drinks? If you responded with a “ME” and maybe get a bit excited, these options are for you:

Putnam's Pub 419 Myrtle Avenue

Putnam’s Pub 419 Myrtle Avenue

Outdoor Dining

Tacos, guacamole, and margaritas are made for, any day, any time and any occasion. Visit these outdoor dining restaurants on Myrtle Avenue to enjoy the best Mexican food.

Los Pollitos III, 499 Myrtle Ave. 718 636 6125

  • Castro’s: 511 Myrtle Avenue -Back yard option, and sidewalk option-
  • El Cofre: 454 Myrtle Avenue -Outdoor dining option coming soon-
  • Los Pollitos III: 499 Myrtle Avenue -Outdoor dining option–
  • Taqueria Fort Greene: 154 Carlton Avenue  -Outdoor dining option-


The Emerson Bar, 561 Myrtle Avenue

Outdoor Dining

Al fresco rustic Tuscan pasta sounds like a dream! A dream that can become true if you visit one of these places that are serving now our favorite Italian food outdoor

LaRina 387 Myrtle Avenue

Outdoor Dining

Summer plus seafood plus good drinks plus support black-owned business.

SoCo Brooklyn, 509 Myrtle Avenue

  • Soco: 509 Myrtle Avenue -New SkyDeck-
  • Wrays: 503 Myrtle Avenue -Outdoor dining option-
  • Bk Lobster: 572 Myrtle Avenue -Outdoor dining option-


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