Enterprising Pratt Alum on Myrtle

Tue, Nov 29th, 2011

Pratt Institute recently featured several of their enterprising alumni in the university's monthly newsletter, Gateway. Some common links amongst them: they all own businesses on Myrtle Avenue (or just off Myrtle in the case of Luz restaurant) and they've all used some element of their Pratt education to build the successful businesses that we all love.

Who are they? Pedro Munoz and Vivian Torres, owners of Luz Restaurant (177 Vanderbilt, just south of Myrtle), Ju Young Oh, owner of Barking Brown (469 Myrtle) and Byme Brooklyn (519 Myrtle), Gina Jankowski, owner of The Emerson (561 Myrtle), Vadim Kiyaev, owner of Pushkin Creperie Bakery (541 Myrtle) and curator/manager of Hadas Gallery, which adjoins Pushkin in the Absolute Building at 541 Myrtle, Joshua Stulman.

Click here to check out the article.

photo credit: Jonathan Weitz, Gateway Newsletter

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