Farm to Neighborhood Hits Myrtle Avenue & Beyond!

Wed, Mar 7th, 2012

Myrtle Eats Fresh is excited to announce that the Farm to Neighborhood program has gone live! Sixteen local stores and restaurants that carry regional products are now displaying the above logo, making it easy for customers to know to look for local food and beverage products within these locations. The Farm to Neighborhood program aims to 1) connect local food businesses to local farmers interested in selling wholesale to merchants and chefs and 2) highlight the inventory of local food products that are currently being sold at local stores and restaurants along Myrtle Avenue.

Many ask, Why should I buy local? Good question! We believe that buying local ensures that produce is more fresh because it has traveled fewer miles, less travel contributes to a cleaner environment and supporting local farmers strengthens the regional economy.

Look for the Farm to Neighborhood logo and/or postcard at the following locations:
Associated Supermarket
Carthage 521
Pillow Caf