Where to Pre-Order Favorite Thankgiving Foods

Tue, Nov 24th, 2015

Peck's thanksgiving Storefront_2015
Feeling overwhelmed with the holidays coming? Take it easy and let our local Myrtle Avenue businesses help with the meal. Whether at  Peck’s, Key Food, Greene-ville Garden, Khim’s Millennium, Mr. Coco or Fresh Fanatic, stop in for your produce, meats and other market selections , From turkeys to sweet potatoes, stuffing / dressing and other sides, our food shops have a variety of offerings to make your Thanksgiving memorable and delicious.

See some of the specials from Peck’s, Greene-ville Garden and Fresh Fanatic are listed below. Check this post regularly between now and the big Turkey Day for any updates:

is selling local, pasture raised & organic (uncooked) turkeys from Oink & Gobble Farm at $7.49/lb.

Greene-ville Garden has Jive Turkeys for sale, starting at $3.49/lb. If you miss Jive Turkey, the fresh, delicious fried turkey cafe that used to be located at the corner of Myrtle and Clinton, here’s your chance again.

Fresh Fanatic is offering free-roaming, antibiotic, and hormone free turkeys at $3.69/lb as well as organic free-roaming birds at $5.49/lb.

If you don’t feel like cooking the bird, inquire about their Turkey Breast Roulade at Peck’s or order the Brooklyn Own Jive Turkey (deep fried) at Fresh Fanatic for $79.99. Flavor options include Cajun, Roasted Garlic, Fresh Herb, Classic and Jamaican Jerk.

Cheese & Chacuterie Boards
Peck’s is also offering a wide selection of artisanal cheeses, cured meats, and accompaniments. Small Boards are available for $70 (serve 8-10) and large boards are available for $140 (serve 16-20).

Sides & Soups
Soups like butternut squash, tomato and basil and turkey chili sell at Fresh Fanatic as well as a great variety of side options like mashed red potato, truffled root vegetable mash, roasted beets, turkey gravy and more for 4.99-6.99. Click HERE for the full list of offerings.

Peck’s is offering close to ten different sides ranging from $10-$12 each and portioned to serve 2 to 3 people. The variety of sides ranges from sausage & sage stuffing and no lump gravy to orange & star anise cranberry sauce and fried brussels sprouts with tahini. Breads like mini Gougere, mini corn muffins and maple biscuits range from $8-$9 for half dozen. For more options, click HERE.

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