Meet Grace Tappin: Making Moves on Myrtle

Thu, Mar 22nd, 2018

Grace Tappin, owner of Move with Grace on Myrtle Avenue.

Meet Grace Tappin: Making Moves on Myrtle Avenue

“I’ve been fortunate to have much exposure early on through my own family and Brooklyn community,” stated Grace Tappin, owner of Move with Grace Yoga, Dance and Fitness Studio & Juice Bar, when discussing the path that led her to open up her own business. “I realized that it was vitally important to me to create a space that included business, community and a razor-sharp focus on health and wellness.”  And thus was born Move with Grace Yoga, Dance and Fitness Studio & Juice Bar over 11 years ago.

Though not evident to her at the time, there were many clear steps and experiences over the years that have led to Grace’s business choice and the environment she seeks to create within it.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Grace has been a dancer and athlete practically all of her life. “When movement is such a huge part of your life, such a passion, you start to learn all you can about how to make your body run more efficiently and how to strengthen and perfect to make it push through perceived limits,” shared Grace. During her teen years and inspired by her brother who is a personal trainer, she started focusing on more healthy ways of eating, such as juicing and smoothies, incorporating natural herbs, plant-based eating, and supplements. “It was clear and noticeable that what I put in my body effected how it performed. We can all find what works best for us.”

Grace Tappin in her yoga studio at Move With Grace, 431 Myrtle Ave.

In college at Cornell University, Grace decided to double major in Pre-Med and Business Studies. “My mom was a midwife,” shared Grace. “Being exposed to and understanding what my mom did for a living at such a young age, providing quality health care to women at such an important and special period in their lives was a big inspiration to me,” she shared. This created what is at the core of Move with Grace: community health and wellness.

While in college during summers and spring break, Grace worked at her sister Karen Tappin Saunderson’s store, Karen’s Body Beautiful, which was then located on Myrtle Avenue, directly across the street from Grace’s current location. That experience confirmed the fact that opening her own business was surely what Grace would do:

“Karen created a beautiful space and I loved how people responded to that. I also loved the relationship Karen had with her customers, the mutual respect and relationships and customer feedback. I knew I wanted to create that type of environment. From my extensive yoga and dance experience, I know how important a space’s energy can be, so it’s important for me to create a positive one. I had been involved in trade and selling since high school and college, selling essential oils and beauty baskets to my fellow students and family members, so I had very long ago developed a ‘no fear’ attitude related to business.”

When asked what she does in her spare time, Grace laughs, “what spare time?!” But music factors big in her life. She finds herself listening and playing and practicing on her keyboard and guitar whenever she gets a chance: “I am working on a project right now as part of an all-girl rock band.”

Stop in at Move with Grace for the myriad of quality yoga, dance, and movement classes or for any of their extensive list of delicious menu items. Everyone who steps in the shop will know the great customer service they receive from Grace or Tes. And be sure to check out the menu which includes salads, acai and smoothie bowls, cold pressed juices, smoothies and more.

Special childrens and senior classes, private classes, and space rentals are also available.

Move with Grace Yoga, Dance and Fitness Studio & Juice Bar,431 Myrtle Avenue, between Clinton and Waverly Avenues

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