The Grilled Cheese Scene on Myrtle Avenue

Thu, Apr 10th, 2014

National Grilled Cheese Day was this past Saturday, but you can still celebrate the delectable grilled cheese scene on Myrtle Avenue.  Consider this our ode to the delicious comfort food.

Pillow Café, offers a beautifully delicious grilled cheese with three assorted cheeses pressed on sourdough bread with pico de gallo and served with chips and a side salad.  Check it out below.

Pillow Cafe - grilled cheese - landscape for blog

Day & Night Deli’s grilled cheese sandwiches range from $1 to $2.75.  The one pictured below—grill toasted whole wheat with American cheese costs one dollar.  A little butter spread on each side before it hits the grill results in a fantastic bite and pure deliciousness. Customers can select from a variety of breads and cheeses, including swiss and provolone.


El Cofre’s grilled cheese sandwiches are $2.50.  Customers can also select from a variety of cheeses and breads, including swiss, pimento and “Dominican cheese.” Pictured is a pressed roll with American cheese.  The key to the deliciousness at El Cofre—the press.  Every sandwich is heated in the sandwich press for a few minutes before it’s ready for the glorious grilled cheese finished debut.



Other Avenue grilled cheese sandwiches to try:

The Joint on Myrtle offers a dreamy grilled cheese with three cheeses:  goat cheese, asiago and manchego and is served with cabbage slaw and a pickle.

Maggie Brown offers a grilled cheese with melted cheddar cheese on wheat bread.

Putnam’s Pub & Cooker offers a heirloom mozzarella Panini, with heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, eggplant caponata and fresh basil.

A-Rod, Aristo, Myrtle Express and many of the delis on the Avenue each offer grilled cheese sandwiches for $3 and under.  Choices of cheese and breads, including provolone, swiss, American and cheddar.

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