List: Best Hot Cocoa on Myrtle

Tue, Dec 1st, 2020


Fact: for at least 4 months of the year, New York has cold weather. We can complain about it or we can get hot chocolate instead! From authentic Mexican to french cocoa powder, Myrtle Avenue has some of the best options in Brooklyn for hot cups of coca. Here’s some of our top spots:


If you prefer your cocoa on the sweeter side, seek out this version with high-quality French cocoa powder at Calyer. Their hot chocolate is made with a house-crafted mix and French cocoa powder, plus their very friendly staff will make you feel like at home.



If you want an authentic Mexican hot chocolate, CASTRO’S is the place to go! The cocoa powder is directly brought from Mexico, making this experience really unique. Pair your hot cholate with a piece of the pan dulce for the perfect sweet treat.



One classic spot to eat an amazing breakfast any day of the week and also to get a classic cup of hot cocoa is JOHN’S, right at the corner of Myrtle Ave and Hall St.


One of Myrtle Avenue’s favorite bakery shops will be serving a special “holiday hot cocoa holiday.”  Starting this month until the end of the season, they will be serving it from Friday to Sunday. Visit them and don’t forget to grab a piece of their famous banana pudding.


Are you vegan but you don’t know where to get vegan hot chocolate this season? PECKS is the answer for you. One of our favorite local spots serves up their version of hot chocolate, and it’s available in a vegan option, too! The best part? You can pair it with one of their cholate chip cookies, you won’t regret it!



Another standby option is BERGEN BAGELS. You can take advantage of the visit and get a bagel to accompany your hot cholate on a cold winter weekend.


You might have tasted Ghirardelli cholates before, but tasting it in a hot cholate version is a whole new experience. Their hot chocolate menu includes several types of milk — almond, skin, coconut, soy.

Connecticut Muffin


Jill Linsday’s hot cocoa is probably one of the best hot cholates in the city. Using Anima Mundi Heirloom Cacao, they hand make each cup with all organic ingredients that you can actually experience the real taste of cacao in every sip. They have a variety of milk to serve it, which goes from whole, oat, almond, and fresh oat and almond.  The final touch of this amazing hot cholate is that they top them with a hint of cinnamon and a marshmallow!

Jill Lindsay


The hot cocoa at TB Coffee House is just something that you can’t miss this winter. They use Ghirardelli Premium Cocoa powder that creates an intense, lingering chocolate experience cherished by true cocoa lovers. They have a variety of milk to serve it, which goes from whole, oat, almond, soy, coconut, and macadamia milk.

TB Coffee


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