Myrtle Avenue’s Storefronts Are Lookin’ Good!

Fri, Sep 21st, 2012

There’s been a lot of great storefront and sign work going on this past week on Myrtle Avenue. Here’s a rundown of what some of our existing businesses have done to look even better than before:

Clinton Hill Hardware (452 Myrtle, between Washington & Waverly): The family owned-hardware shop installed new roll-down security gates yesterday. The new gates, which are a high-quality open-grille design, will allow customers to window shop during off-hours. A new awning is scheduled to come soon!

Waza Sushi & Ramen (485 Myrtle, between Hall & Ryerson): This week the restaurant added an old-fashioned style awning to their storefront. The striped awning looks great and will be of great help on sunny days.

Carthage 521 (521 Myrtle, between Steuben & Grand): The hookah bar and cafe really transformed their storefront this week by adding a new awning, paired with a prominent new sign.

El Cofre Restaurant (454 Myrtle, between Washington & Waverly): Although the restaurant didn’t add anything this week, their current storefront and sign has become exposed to the avenue again after two years of sitting in the shadow of scaffolding that was used to perform work above the restaurant. We’re happy to be able to see the restaurant in the sunlight again!

Shic by Soketah (564 Myrtle, between Emerson & Classon): The hair, nail and beauty bar added a stylish awning, elegant hanging sign and replaced their old solid-panel security gates with a much more attractive open-grille design. The once bland storefront is now one of the most attractive on the avenue.

Many other businesses are planning storefront or sign work, so keep your eyes open for more improvements coming soon!

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