Myrtle Thai’s Noodle Soup

Tue, Mar 17th, 2015

Myrtle Thai noodle soup

There is absolutely nothing more welcome right now than a nice hearty bowl of soup.  Brrrr. Lots of wonderful choices on Myrtle Avenue, including Myrtle Thai‘s noodle soup.

It’s a large enough portion for two, so a great bargain for your buck. A thick broth, vegetables garnished with fried wonton, broccoli, bean sprout scallion and coriander and your choice of protein including chicken, squid, veggies and beef.

Myrtle Thai is located at 438 Myrtle Avenue between Clinton & Waverly.  They can be reached at (718) 422-1142. Visit their website to check out their full list of delicious menu items.

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