New Colorful Art Coming to Myrtle

Thu, May 30th, 2019

We are so excited to welcome a new pop of color to the Myrtle Avenue Plaza with the installation of a new art piece next month. Through a collaboration with Pratt Institute’s Foundations department, several utility boxes in the plaza will be transformed into canvases that’ll feature the piece Wonderland, designed by Pratt student Elodia Wei.

Detail of “Wonderland,” featuring a stained glass motif.


According to Wei, “Wonderland is a stained-glass window design, which depicts abstract landscapes from Myrtle Avenue and Fort Green Park. I discover that the shape of the infrastructure boxes mirrors the shape of the windows on shops and apartment buildings along Myrtle Avenue. Therefore, the landscape on these infrastructure boxes in my design is like people seeing the beautiful sceneries on Myrtle Avenue through these windows.”

Myrtle Avenue BID Executive Director, Chad Purkey (left), and Pratt Institute faculty members Leslie Mutchler (center) and Jean Shin (right) review a model of the selected design.


Wei was one of 18 students who submitted a design proposal, as part of Professor Corinne Ulmann’s Light, Color & Design course this past semester. A huge thank you to Professor Ulmann for leading this project from start to finish!

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