New T-shirts in at Klevor Liquors

Tue, Jul 26th, 2011

Klevor Liquors, also known as 'The Liq', the liquor store located at 343 Myrtle Avenue between Carlton and Adelphi, has just released its new line of tees.

The store prides itself as a one-stop liquor shop for events, so if you are planning an event and need to order liquor, get suggestions or arrange deliveries, please give them a call. The store can be reached at 718.875.3991.

The t-shirts are added to their line of promotional items, which include calendars and wine totes.

The premium short-sleeve cotton tee designs include: 1) the official LIQ-tee, black tee w/pink and green rhinestones; 2) the official LIQ-tee, black tee w/silver rhinestones; 3) the promotional tee in white and black and includes the store's slogan, “because sometimes you need more than just a drink.”

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