NOW OPEN: Halalbee’s

Tue, Jun 1st, 2021

378 Myrtle Ave. Brooklyn NY 11205

Halalbee’s serves gourmet burgers, sides, and shakes in a fast-casual atmosphere sourcing only the best, freshest ingredients. Their beef is 100% grass-fed and their entire menu is halal — but it’s not just the ingredients that make Halalbee’s unique, but how they add their special touch to classic recipes that will keep you coming back for more.

378 Myrtle Ave. Brooklyn NY 11205

Halalbee’s Story

In their words: “We LOVE burgers. The quintessential American burger is a perfect marriage between a beef patty and a bun. These emblematic burgers we speak of are few and far between. We wanted to do our part in helping to change that reality by starting our own burger restaurant. We formed a team, set up shop, and sourced only the best ingredients and grass-fed beef to help fill this gap.”

“It’s our personal goal to show our customers that it’s not just the fresh ingredients but the joy we take in making the creations that make us the place to be. Our menu is 100% halal and we’re excited to share our burgers with the world! Come by today!”

378 Myrtle Ave. Brooklyn NY 11205

Stop by their new location at 378 Myrtle Ave. and enjoy their delicious burgers and a special discount very “Brooklyn style”  of 25% OFF on your orders when you visit. or order online with the promo code: HELLOBROOKLYN

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