Supplemental Sanitation

As one of the core responsibilities of the BID, supplemental sanitation keeps Myrtle Avenue clear of litter and graffiti for the benefit of our residents, shoppers and merchants.  Activities include daily sidewalk sweeping, daily replacement of corner trash bin liners, weekly replacement of public recycling bin liners, and graffiti removal. The BID currently employs Streetplus to carry out its daily sanitation activities.

Supplemental Sanitation Services in BID District:

  • Provide approximately 10,000 hours of service annually
  • Remove 150 tons of trash and recycling annually
  • Remove over 100 instances of graffiti annually
  • Remove illegal flyers and stickers as needed
  • Work with the NYC Department of Sanitation to remove illegal dumping and derelict bikes
  • Remove snow from bus stops, crosswalks and catch basins