Tree Guards & Benches

Myrtle Avenue’s tree guards and tree benches are both functional and durable, provide opportunities to sit for the avenue’s pedestrians, and offer a ‘canvas’ that reflects Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s creative spirit.  The overall design of the guards and benches is the result of a collaborative process with the Pratt Design Incubator. Currently, there are 40 benches and 47 guards installed on Myrtle Avenue, featuring the designs of local artists, designers, and even local K-12 students on individual laser-cut panels.  Each tree guard has a small decal which provides information about the tree, tree guard panel artist, and a fact about trees.

Project History

The project kicked off through a studio class project in Pratt’s Industrial Design Department in the fall of 2007. Early outreach to local stakeholders found a general desire for unique street furniture elements on Myrtle Avenue – pieces that reflected the neighborhood and leveraged local creative talent.

The Incubator moved forward with a life-sized cardboard mock-up of a tree guard and bench.  After making some changes, we produced a prototype of each (both of which are still on Myrtle).  We installed the first batch of tree guards and benches in 2011, and the second during the winter of 2012.

Sponsor a Tree Guard or Bench

Organizations and individuals can sponsor a tree guard or bench for a five-year period through our Adopt-a-Tree Guard program. Contributions offset the costs of maintenance and provide funding for special ornamental plants within the tree bed and are tax deductible.  Sponsors are acknowledged on our website and a small plaque (for benches) or decal (for guards).

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