Got ideas for park improvements?

Mon, Jan 25th, 2016


NYC Parks Departments Parks Without Borders initiative is asking for community input on local parks utilizing an online tool. Residents can recommend parks and improvements to be funded with PWB capital dollars, keeping in mind Parks’ goal of better integrating parks with surrounding communities through improvements at the borders.

The north side of Fort Greene Park is an important public space for the Myrtle Avenue community. We’d like to see even more space for barbecueing, even more picnic tables, even more benches, even more workout equipment. The Myrtle Avenue side hasn’t seen investment in quite some time in terms of capital dollars, and we think it deserves it, and so do the residents that use it!

We encourage you to visit the website, and submit your support for the Myrtle Avenue side of Fort Greene Park, or any park you feel deserves attention via this initiative!


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