Red Lantern Bikes Hosts Age-Friendly Event

Mon, Mar 7th, 2016

seniors for main page
Sending a great big THANK YOU to Red Lantern Bicycles & Cafe for hosting our age-friendly meeting this past Friday, 3/5.

The egg salad sandwiches, avocado toast, lemonade, assorted muffins and ice cold water was delicious and provided just the fuel we needed as we met and planned the upcoming Senior Resource Fair, which will take place later this month and bring senior-serving service providers to the neighborhood.

The Senior Advisory is a group of 25 to 30 seniors that meet regularly to help plan and keep us on task with our senior programming.

More than 40 Myrtle Avenue merchants provide senior discounts and specials to seniors. A planned series of merchant-hosted events have served to introduce/kick-off many of these specials/discounts, such as the Red Lantern hosted event this past Friday. Other senior events that have taken place include chair yoga at Move with Grace, a walking tour and cupcake tasting at Brooklyn Sweet Spot and a wine tasting event at Corkscrew Wines. Upcoming events will include senior self-defense classes at Brooklyn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Stay tuned.

Red Lantern Bicycles & Cafe is located at 345 Myrtle Avenue between Adelphi & Carlton.
(347) 889-5338.

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