Rendering Revealed for New Building at Myrtle & Vanderbilt

Wed, Nov 12th, 2014


ODA Architects, who have designed a new building for the northwest corner of Myrtle and Vanderbilt Avenues, have released a rendering for the new mixed-use building.  The building will have 8,100 square feet of new commercial space and 3,200 square feet of community facilities space on the ground floor.  Upstairs will be 45 new housing units, spread across 41,000 square feet.

The very contemporary design is a stark contrast to the neighboring 19th-century homes and row buildings found in Wallabout Historic District, which includes the properties sitting just next to the site.  It’s also quite different than other new buildings construed on Myrtle Avenue in the past few years, including 379 Myrtle Avenue (which houses Walgreen’s), Pratt Institute’s Myrtle Hall, and 490 Myrtle Avenue which is currently under construction and will be home to the returning Associated Supermarket at Myrtle and Hall Street.

This site is not located within a historic district and is not subject to any design review process with the City.

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