The Silly Dance Off Contest Returns to the Emerson Bar, Sat., 4/5!

Fri, Apr 5th, 2013

Silly Dance Off 2

The Silly Dance Off returns to the Emerson Bar. It’s this Saturday, 4/6 from 10pm until 2am. Get those moves ready! Here’s more from the Emerson:

Maybe you were at the first Silly Dance contest, or maybe you’ve heard the stories that became legends that became stories again, or maybe you’ve never heard of it and have no clue what the hell I am talking about.

Well it does’t matter because IT”S BACK!!!

THE GOAL: The Silliest Dancer Wins a $50 Bar Tab, The Silliest Costume Wins a $50 Bar Tab (you could win BOTH), and a $25 Bar Tab goes to the 2nd place dancer. Free drinks will be given away to silliest dancers after each round. You do not need to dress up to enter!

THE STRUCTURE: FOUR 20-30 minute DJ’d rounds with breaks in between for drinking and resting (last time people nearly danced themselves into coma so we’ve added breaks and shorter dancing rounds, but more rounds! YAY! you’re welcome…)

NO ELIMINATION (Except self elimination —- ummmm and by that I mean removing yourself from the contest….)

A SECRET PANEL of judges will determine the winner after round four by a scientific means of calculating silliness in each round and averaging that out and then multiplying that by 54 and dividing by 62 then spilling coffee on it and determining the winner by an in-house developed Rorschach test.

You can REGISTER with Max Power at any time BUT REMEMBER the more rounds you are in the more chance you have to WIN BIG and DRINK FREE all night!!!

So come down, dance, get your silly on or just sit and watch as history is made once again with one of the funnest, funniest, happiest nights you’ll be sure to encounter in your life!

Silly Music Provided During Each Round by DJ MAGGIT (John Keen, Blues Clues, Storage Wars…)

Other Music provide by MAX POWER!


WHEN: Saturday APRIL 6th, 2013 10pm-2am… (registration for first round opens at 9:30, music and party all night ’til 4am!!!) WHERE: The Emerson, 561 Myrtle Avenue between Emerson and Classon WHY: Because we love you…


image: hand drawn By John Keen. Ink and colored pencil, March 2013.

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