Two -Way Traffic Returns to Myrtle Avenue

Mon, Sep 26th, 2016

Two-way traffic returns to Myrtle Ave.

As construction on Myrtle Avenue, between Hall Street and Emerson Place, continues, vehicular as well as B54 bus traffic has resumed in both directions. The next phase of construction work includes curb work in the aforementioned area, site maintenance and touch-up work on the asphalt in the area.

Parking will return to this section of the district. Please continue to support the businesses in this area by visiting the amazing restaurants, bars and shops between Washington & Classon. They are all open for business and welcome you! Help us ensure that the 60 business impacted by construction continue to thrive by continuing to patronize your favorite businesses that have served the neighborhood for years.

Here’s how you can support businesses impacted by construction:

  • Choose a favorite business to support consistently until the end of construction.
  • Pick a business category (restaurants, salons or delis), and make an effort to visit every one of these in this particular area!
  • Order food by phone instead of using online services, when possible. Restaurants sometimes pay a significant portion of their sales (sometimes between 12.5-20%) in fees when customers order their meals via online platforms. Ordering by phone helps keep all of your money in the neighborhood and fully supports our independently owned restaurants.
  • Pick up an Eating & Drinking guide to see all of the restaurants and bars that are offering special discounts every Tuesday! Check out Tasty Tuesdays’ promotion.
  • If you are a construction worker, check out our Hard Hat Specials.
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