Myrtle Women’s History: Nika Chitbunchong

Mon, Mar 16th, 2020

This March, Myrtle Avenue is celebrating Women’s History Month by honoring the women that help make our community great. These women, and many more, are the community in Fort Greene & /Clinton Hill. We are so proud to honor them during this special month. View past year’s profiles here.

Nika, Myrtle Thai

Nika Chitbunchong, Myrtle Thai

For many of us, the plans we make for life end up full of detours and surprise turns. This is true for Nika Chitbunchong, who’s infectious smile many locals have seen at Myrtle Thai. We sat down with Nika to learn about her story and what led her to Myrtle Avenue.  


Nika made the move from Bangkok to New York City around 5 years ago, with a plan to attend a local college to study English. Her initial plan was to return to Bangkok after graduating, picking up her graphic design teaching position at the Bangkok university where she used to teach before coming to New York. But things don’t always go according to our plans. After both fallings in love with a man and Brooklyn, she decided to stay and show other people the Thai culture through food. 

Nika, Myrtle Thai


“I started to work on Myrtle Thai since I came to New York, I love to be involved in Thai culture and being able to bring others a piece of my country through food, I love to talk with customers, that’s my favorite part of my job.”

When asked who inspires her, Nika shared that she is motivated by a fellow Thai immigrant who owns their own Thai restaurant in Manhattan. This friend inspired Nika to have her own restaurant. “My friend taught me to keep working for what I want and never give up on my dreams.”

Currently, Nika works four days at Myrtle Thai, the rest of the time she works as a freelance graphic designer. Nika is always a warm and welcoming smile. We are sure if you go to Myrtle Thai and talk with her you won’t regret it. 


Myrtle Thai, 438 Myrtle Ave, (718) 422-1142

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