NOW OPEN: Woori Korean Restaurant

Thu, Mar 11th, 2021

If you’re a fan of Korean food (as we are) and amazing service with the most friendly people, this new Korean restaurant in Myrtle Avenue will be your spot to go for a casual weeknight dinner in our beloved neighborhood. Woori Korean Restaurant in Fort Greene serves the most delicious gimbap and a full menu featuring authentic cuisine from Korea.

Dolsot Bibim Bap (Hot Stone Rice Bowl), Misso soup, Beff Kimbap (Korean Sushi)

The decoration makes Woori Korean Restaurant one of the best spots in Brooklyn to have an amazing lunch, lovely date night, or just enjoy Korean comfort food with friends

Dolsot Bibim Bap (Hot Stone Rice Bowl)

Stop by to say hi to the friendliest staff who are ready to take your pick-up and delivery orders.

Woori Korean Restaurant Friendly Staff

Woori Korean Restaurant, at 336 Myrtle Avenue.

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